Individual Tours - Italy

Italy’s rich cultural heritage has attracted visitors for hundreds of years, drawn by its archaeological attractions, cuisine, breathtaking cathedrals and exquisite artwork. The country is made up of 20 regions, each with its own customs and traditions. A tour through Italy’s cities brings one to enjoy the dynamism and energy of the new Italy while embracing the traditions of the old.

Highlights of Christian Italy (5 days)
Rome – Naples – Pompeii

This itinerary is a wonderful addition to a tour from Greece, combining Christian and archaeological sites in one compelling tour.

The Splendour of Italian Cities (5 days)
Rome – Florence

This tour explores the grandeur and magnificence of two of Italy’s most beautiful cities: Rome and Florence. Enjoy tours of their most important Christian and archaeological sites, revel in the beauty of their artwork and architecture, and experience Italian culture in it’s most natural form.

Discover Christian Rome (7 days)
This tour is simply superb in every aspect, designed for the pilgrim desiring not only tours of the landmarks of Rome, but to witness and be a part of Christian life in Italy. This itinerary includes all the visual delights one needs to see, including audiences with the Holy Father.