Group Tours - Greece

Crystal clear blue water, majestic mountains, lush fields and charming villages – all these and more await you in glorious Greece. A mix of ancient and modern, Greece beckons you with its archaeological sites, vibrant cities and old-world hospitality.

The natural beauty of Greece, however, is its most enduring trait. It was in this setting where Apostle Paul passed on his Missionary journey, taking him through Philippi, Thessalonica, Ephesus, Berea, Athens and Corinth. Such a journey is possible for you to experience; the opportunity of a lifetime to retrace the steps of the most influential missionary of Christianity.

The Essential Hellenic Experience - Athens, Corinth + 1-day Cruise (4 days)
Athens – Corinth – Hydra – Poros – Aegina

This comprehensive program features the essentials of a perfect Greek holiday visiting the sites associated with Apostle Paul’s ministry in Athens and Corinth, and a 1-day cruise to the Saronic Gulf Islands.

Apostle Paul's Missionary Journey In Greece from Thessalonica (6 days)
Thessalonica – Philippi – Kavala – Vergina – Meteora – Corinth – Athens

Starting in the beautiful city of Thessalonica, this tour presents an alternative itinerary for those wishing to retrace the footsteps of Apostle Paul.

Greece Explored by Land & Sea - Athens, Corinth + 3-day Cruise (7 days)
Athens - Corinth - Mykonos - Rhodes - Patmos - Kusadasi

This tour is designed for those wishing to experience the essential Biblical and archaeological sites at Athens and Corinth, along with an extended cruise to the islands that make Greece such a popular tourist destination.

The Mysticism and Beauty of Greek Orthodox Monasteries (8 days)
Athens - Loutraki - Kalavryta - Nafpaktos - Kalambaka – Meteora - Evia - Prokopi

This specialized itinerary invites you to visit select monasteries throughout Greece. Explore the mysticism and history of these beautiful and mysterious places, where spirituality is ingrained into each facet of everyday life.

Apostle Paul's Missionary Journey In Greece from Athens (8 days)
Athens – Corinth – Delphi – Meteora – Berea – Thessalonica – Philippi - Kavala

This tour is a wonderful opportunity to walk in the footsteps of Apostle Paul on his missionary journey in Greece beginning in Athens and travelling north to Thessalonica with stops at many famous Biblical and archaeological sites.

Treasures of Christian Orthodoxy (9 days)
Athens - Corinth - Kalambaka - Meteora - Mount Athos - Philippi - Kavala - Thessalonica

This tour is exclusively designed for those wishing to explore the rich history of Christian Orthodoxy by including Biblical sites, monasteries and Byzantine churches on the itinerary.

Bible Study Tour (12 days)
Athens - Mykonos - Rhodes - Patmos - Ephesus (Turkey) - Delphi - Kalambaka - Meteora - Vergina - Thessalonica - Philippi - Thermopylae - Corinth

This tour invites you to study the Word of God in the spectacular setting of the Greek landscape. The itinerary begins with a cruise of the Greek islands from Athens, followed by a journey north to Thessalonica. The pilgrimage then retreats south back to Athens concluding with a tour of Corinth.