Group Tours - Israel

Israel, a country of rich cultural wealth, offers an array of attractions that will hypnotise even the most jaded world traveller. As a result of it’s complex cultural mosaic, the country offers compelling historical sites, superb museums, art galleries, spectacular natural beauty, festivals, and cuisine that would surely delight the most discriminating palate. Travel to Israel, once called ‘The Promised Land’, now called ‘The Holy Land’, and discover for yourself the missing link between the passage of time and your faith.

Highlights of Israel (6 days)
Tel Aviv – Tabgha – Capernaum – Yardenit - The Sea of Galilee – Tiberias – Cana – Nazareth – Qumran - The Dead Sea – Jerusalem

This itinerary is an excellent introduction to the Holy Land, featuring essential archaeological and biblical sites, exciting city tours and a visit to the Dead Sea for rest and relaxation. It is a perfect tour for travellers with time limitations, or as an addition to an itinerary originating in Egypt or Jordan.

The Holy Land – Land of Christ and Christianity (9 days)
Tel Aviv - Mount Carmel – Caesarea – Megiddo - The Jezreel Valley - The Sea of Galilee – Cana – Nazareth - The Sea of Galilee – Beit Shean – Jericho – Qumran - Jerusalem

A superb tour to the Holy Land, visiting the important biblical sights associated with the ministry of Jesus Christ. This compelling itinerary will bridge the gap between scripture and belief, offering spectacular visual examples of what has been written.

Treasures of Israel (10 days)
Tel Aviv – Caesarea - Mount Carmel – Megiddo – Nazareth – Cana – The Sea of Galilee – Tabgha – Kursi – Korazim – Yardenit – Hazor - Tel Dan – Caesarea - Golan Heights – Gamla - Beith Shean - Beit Alfa - Harod Spring – Jerusalem – The Dead Sea

This tour exclusively highlights the important sites and attractions in the Holy Land, including biblical and archaeological sights, places of natural beauty, recreational areas for relaxation and fantastic city tours.